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Thank you for taking the time to learn about us! We’re Damian and Anna!
We are beyond excited you’re reading our profile! We honestly can’t wait to grow our family and become parents through adoption and are just so grateful for the opportunity to share a bit of our lives here with you. We can’t even begin to imagine how difficult this time is for you. We hope that this will give you a peek into our lives, with our fun, curious and adventurous nature and show the love we have for our family and each other.

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We LOVE Doing Life



Just a little about us - We met 11 years ago and have hardly spent a night apart since then. This year we will celebrate our 8 wedding anniversary. Our lives have taken us all around the world but our favorite place has always been at home together in our sweatpants. Together we have experienced some amazing highs and lows and it has made us the best little team we could be.  We are 33 and 32 years old and call New Jersey home. We live in a leafy neighborhood full of young families 11 minutes from the beach. It truly is our little slice of heaven. We love spending time with our friends and their families as well as cooking up a storm for holiday’s and Sunday brunches. Any excuse to cook goes in our household.  

We asked our friends and family to describe us in a few words here’s what they came up with: Big Hearted, Adventurous, Creative, Fun loving, Warm, Happy, Exciting and GOOD COOKS. We met in 2008 in a park in Sydney, Australia at dusk. Damian sat down on a bench and struck up a conversation and 4 hours later we were still planning our lives together. We are thrilled to call New Jersey home and can’t wait to raise our family here in the United States.




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